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Rural Internet Options

Rural Internet Options

Rural Internet Options

Living in the city is not for everyone. All the noise, movement and pollution brings a lot of people down on a regular basis, so moving out into the country is a great option for a lot of people. The only problem is it makes you very isolated from the rest of the world and also makes it tough to get good quality internet service. Internet companies prioritize where they lay lines, so if you live outside busy areas, sometimes you are out of luck. Here are some of your options outside the mainstream broadband services for rural internet...

Dial Up
Oddly enough, this option is still available in the 21st century! Yes, you can listen to the wonderful sounds of dial up scratching at your ears for a few seconds before connecting to internet that's slower than watching molasses fall out of a jar. And sure, dial up is still technically available in most areas even to this day, but it has huge drawbacks and can end up costing you in the long run. You can also only use it wherever you have a dial up phone, which means you might as well not even bother packing up the laptop for your next road trip unless it's going to be near land lines.

Mobile Broadband
Mobile broadband services are a step up from dial up. Instead of waiting for the scratchy noises to stop, you are always connected to a wireless service that runs off of cell phone towers. This service is pretty good overall if you live in an area with plenty of cell phone towers. For someone who lives out in the country, it may or may not be a good option. It's a matter of research. Like any other service, it pays to ask around people who are working with these providers in your area to see if they are any good. Working with a good provider helps, but in the country it might not make a difference if there aren't enough towers, so do your research before signing up!

Satellite Internet
For most people who live in rural areas, this option is best suited. The reason is because it is simply available everywhere and can be used at fast speeds, especially with Gen 4 technologies from Hughesnet. Satellite internet uses connectivity similar to DirecTV or Dish Network, so if you use satellite television and have good connection, chances are you are good to go for satellite internet. Call us today to set up a free installation and see just how fast your internet can be despite being outside the normal service areas for high speed!

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